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Kiwanis Holiday Lights Holds Ribbon Cutting for New Holiday Train

Kiwanis Holiday Lights has introduced a new addition to its holiday tradition - a holiday train that has been in the works for over three years. Curt Fisher, who has previously designed similar machines for the North Mankato Fun Days parade, designed the train.

Unfortunately, a backlog in the supply chain delayed its debut, and some of its parts were damaged upon arrival, putting the train's future in doubt. However, the organizing team managed to fix the diesel engine with the help of Greg's Champion Auto in Mankato, and the train is finally on display at Kiwanis.

Visitors will not be able to ride the train until 2024 due to insurance and other logistics issues, but a private ribbon cutting was held today in celebration of the

Despite the challenges, Kiwanis Holiday Lights has seen an increase in foot traffic this year due to the overall mild weather. The organizers are looking forward to the final stretch of the season, which runs through January 1.

 Scott Wojcik, President of the Kiwanis Holiday Lights team, stated that the high foot traffic on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays has not hurt them at all. People are enjoying the lights and having a great time. Overall, the Kiwanis Holiday Lights display has been a huge success, and visitors can still enjoy the lights and the train until the end of the year.

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