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Transformer Repairs Complete After Weekend Power Outages at Kiwanis Holiday Lights

Repairs are complete after a blown transformer caused a power outage at Kiwanis Holiday Lights last Friday and Saturday evenings. On Friday, December 15 a transformer in Mankato’s Sibley Park failed 45 minutes prior to the park’s closing time of 10 p.m. Xcel Energy Crews arrived immediately and worked to repair the transformer and the park opened as usual at 5 p.m. on Saturday, December 16. Unfortunately, the transformer again failed at 8:45 p.m. Both nights volunteers safely escorted visitors out of the park.

After assessing the existing power needs of Sibley Park and Kiwanis Holiday Lights, Xcel Energy installed a much larger, 100kva transformer at Sibley Park on Sunday, replacing an existing 50kva transformer. Kiwanis Holiday Lights was fully operating on Sunday night and based on load tests completed on Sunday by Kiwanis Holiday Lights electricians, no future power problems are foreseen at this time.

“We are truly sorry to all who drove far distances to see the lights this past weekend and were turned away because of the outage,” said Scott Wojcik, president of Kiwanis Holiday Lights. “However, we are thankful for the quick response from Xcel Energy and are confident the power supply to Sibley Park can now handle our current load.”

Kiwanis Holiday Lights continues nightly through December 31.


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